NComputing X350/X550

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Up to eleven users on one PC? Absolutely—today’s PCs are so powerful that the vast majority of people use only a small fraction of their available computing power. The X-series taps the unused capacity so that up to eleven users can simultaneously share a single PC. Each user gets their own virtual workspace (applications, settings, files, and preferences), but at a fraction of what it would cost with individual computers. So even though eleven people share a single system, they each get their own rich PC experience. 


Easy to install


Each X-series kit contains the powerful, award-winning vSpace desktop virtualization software, a PCI card, and XD2 access devices. Each X350 kit adds three users to a low profile PC while the X550 kit adds five users to a full-sized

PC. Setting it up is easy: just install the PCI card and virtualization software on the shared PC. Then connect the access devices to the PCI card with standard cables. Finally, connect each user’s monitor, keyboard, and mouse to their access device. That’s all—it’s as simple as an appliance. Now, multiple users can enjoy their own independent virtual desktops. Add a second kit and even more users can simultaneously share a single PC—up to 11 with the X550.


Powerful & flexible


Software applications run simultaneously and independently on each virtual desktop. Users don’t even know that they are sharing a PC! Your staff and users won’t need special training. They will also love getting their desk space back—the XD2 access devices are tiny, silent, mount on the back of the monitor, and have no moving parts. Yet they give each user a rich Windows or Linux workspace. Users enjoy multimedia with sound and full-motion video at screen resolutions of up to 1280x1024 or 1440x900 (widescreen).


Economical & efficient


With the NComputing X-series, you can easily lower your computing hardware and support costs by up to 75%. You will also save money on electricity. The highly efficient X-series uses only 1 watt per added user (compared to 110 watts for a typical PC). With a long useful life and weighing just a few ounces, the NComputing solution also greatly reduces e-waste. It is clearly the greenest computing solution on earth.


Key features & benefits

• Share one PC with up to eleven users

• Slash hardware and support costsup to 75%

• Easy to set up, maintain, and secure

• Compact and reliable(no fans or disks)

• Energy-efficient (1 watt per user)

• Supports standard applicationsincluding multimedia andfull-screen video

• Supports standard and widescreenresolutions (up to 1280x1024 or1440x900)

• Connect users directly to theshared PC using standard cablesup to 10 m (33 ft) long

• Includes powerful vSpace™desktop virtualization software,PCI card, and XD2 access devices



Recommended Host Hardware Configuration (X-series)

Host Configuration

Numbers of users

1 - 3

4 - 5

6 - 10


2.4 GHz or Dual Core

3 GHz or Dual/Quad Core

3 GHz or Dual/Quad Core

Memory (32 bit OS)




Memory (64 bit OS)