NComputing L250

Today’s PCs are like supercomputers. And most PC users only use a small fraction—as low as 5%—of the power of their machines. NComputing takes the excess capacity and allows up to 100 users to each enjoy their own rich PC experience. They feel like they have their own PC, but at a fraction of the cost and without all of the maintenance headaches.

Dramatically reduce your computing costs

Picture L250

          The L250 costs less than half the price of entry-level PCs. And the ongoing savings are even higher. With no moving parts or local storage, repairs are rare and your maintenance costs are kept in check because you only have to maintain and upgrade the shared PCs—not the L250. In fact, whenever you refresh to the latest PC technology, your L250 users will automatically enjoy the increased performance. Going green? Compare the 5 watts of power consumed by the L250 to the 110 watts or more in a typical PC. This small access device (about half the size of a paperback book) consumes less power, generates less heat, produces less e-waste, and makes no noise.

Datasheet L250