ZConverter Server Backup

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Windows Server 2008/2003/Win7/VISTA/XP Centralized Management Backup

ZConverter Server Backup supports system imaging backup and similar server as well as dissimilar server recovery. It provides rapid windows server recovery technology to recover system from the backed-up images to a similar or a dissimilar server. There are ZConverter Server Backup Enterprise edition, Standard edition and Lite Enterprise in Server Backup family.

ZConverter Server Backup Enterprise Edition is windows server 2008 and windows server 2003 backup and recovery software for enterprise customers. It provides centralized management backup and recovery for windows servers by ZConverter Enterprise Manager. With ZConverter Enterprise Manager, you can control and manage your server backup and recovery centrally. ZConverter Enterprise Manager also supports centralized backup and recovery for Windows7/Vista/XP.

ZConverter Server Backup Standard Edition is standalone windows server backup and recovery software for small and medium sized customers. You should install this on your servers. Except for the centralized management backup and recovery, most of features are the same with enterprise edition.

ZConverter Server Backup Lite Enterprise has the same features with the enterprise edition but it’s dedicated to the system which only has up to 3 production servers (small and medium business customers) 



  • Windows Servers system image (OS+APP) backup and recovery
  • Windows Servers data backup and recovery
  • Fast and easy recovery from system partition outage
  • Fast and easy disaster recovery to dissimilar servers
  • Minimize server downtime and meet the RTOs 


Supported Platfrom

Operating System

Virtual Server

Hardware Platform

Hardware Vendor

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Hyper-V  



Windows Server 2008




Windows 7(1)          




Windows Vista(1)    

Hitachi Virtage (HVM)


Windows XP(1)



  1. ZConverter Enterprise Manager can centrally manage windows 7, Vista, XP as well as windows servers from single console on the network.
  2. ISA Technologies will be able to support another vendor server or assembled server on partners or customers request by reasonable way. 



  • The World’s First IA64 Windows Server Backup
  • Centralized management of Server/PC backup
  • Integrated Backup & Recovery of x32/x64/IA64
  • Hyper-V/Xen/VMware virtual server backup
  • Live Windows Server system image backup
  • Files/Folders backup & recovery browser
  • OS/APP/DATA Incremental backup
  • OS/APP/DATA Differential backup
  • OS/APP/DATA Update backup
  • Automatic Scheduling backup
  • Source systems discovery and registry function
  • Bare Metal Windows Server recovery
  • Virtual server and dissimilar server recovery
  • No Agent and No Reboot backup and recovery
  • Centralized agent distribution


Product Component



ZConverter Server Backup Standard Edition

for 1 Standalone Server

ZConverter Server Backup ENT Server Access License (1 ESAL)

for 1 Production Server

ZConverter Server Backup ENT Server ERS License (1 ERS)

for 1 Recovery Server

ZConverter Enterprise Manager

for Centralized Management

ZConverter Server Backup Media (CD)

Media Kit

ZConverter Server Backup IA64 Server License for Single Core

for 1 Core

ZConverter Server Backup SBS Packaged License ( 1 Server Access License + 1 Zconverter Lite Enterprise Manager + 1 Virtual Server Recovery License)

for 1 SBS Production Server + 1 Lite Enterprise Manager +  1 Virtual Server Recovery

ZConverter Server Backup SBS Server Access License ( 1 SAL)

for 1 SBS Production Server

Zconverter Server Backup Virtual Recovery Server License ( 1 VRS)

for 1 Virtual Server Recovery

ZConverter Lite Enterprise Manager

for up to 3 SBS production servers and 1 virtual recovery server management


Production Server

Zconverter Centralized Management System

Emergency Recovery Server

Memory: 512 MB

Windows Server 2003 DHCP/PXE/TFTP Server .NET Framework 2.0  Memory: 1GB             Available Disk Space 250MB

PXE Network boot Support Wake On Lan (WOL) Support (Recommendation)